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Aftermarket Support & Services

No matter how good we make them, we can not keep our machinery from needing a replacement part from time to time. We understand how important it is to keep your mill operational. When it runs, it makes money.

A Full Inventory

Just like other companies stock nuts and bolts, we stock the common wear components for our machinery, as well as roll shafts, mill stands, gears and more . In fact, we maintain several million dollars worth of parts in our inventory. It’s this kind of inventory that allows us to ship 96% of our spare parts orders the same day or next day. What other roll forming or tube mill company can say the same?

Spare Parts

Although keeping an appropriate sparts parts inventory is very important, it’s only half the battle. It’s equally important to have the right people to assist you with identifying what parts you really need. Keep in mind that Formtek’s brands’ have sold a lot of equipment in our 100 year history.

If you’re not sure what part you need, try to get the serial number of the mill.  The number was stamped on the nameplate and on the top of the mill base on the entry side of the machine.  Another way to identify the mill is by knowing the original owner.   If none of this information is known, try to get the part number normally stamped on all the parts.  If none of those items are available, give us a call, so we can help.



As a part of the Formtek Group, Formtek’s brands’ have the largest service network in the industry to support your needs.  In the Formtek companies, our focus is on solving customer problems and addressing customer needs in unique and cost-effective ways.  No other company in the industry can bring the level of experience, innovation, creativity and integrated value-added processes that we are able to offer.  Whether it is troubleshooting an existing process, operator training or participating in a kaizen event to optimize your existing installation, Formtek’s brands’ experienced team of engineers and technicians are available to assist with your companies service needs.


Rebuilds & Retrofits

For the existing customers as well as owners of non-Formtek brand machinery, that would like the benefit of our newest technology and productivity solutions, Formtek’s brands’ mill technology and accessories offer the perfect upgrade for existing installations. Whether it is Single Point Adjustment, to speed up the gap adjustment and setup repeatability, speed upgrade to the machine, or forming accessories such as edge conditioning entry table or idler stands, Formtek’s brands’ offer a range of standard  machine accessories, and can custom engineer for unique applications, to improve the productivity of existing roll forming and tube & pipe mill installations.


Mill Retrofits

For Existing Mill installations, Formtek’s brands; application engineers can review the current equipment and determine practical solutions for equipment retrofits, to improve throughput, and production reliability.   These retrofits may be upgrades to existing componentry or adding new equipment features, such as seam orientation, for value added to your end customers.  Many of these retrofits can be accomplished by Fromtek’s brands’ standard accessories, or if the application requires, a special engineered solution.



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