Accessory System

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Accessory System

The Accessory System provides the ability to roll form a wide range of steel framing and metal construction accessories including Resilient channel, RC1, RC2, cold rolled channel, CRC, furring channel, Z-furring, corner bead, hat, drywall angle, J-channel starter and more.

Accessory System AdvantageThe ability to offer a wide variety of roll formed, steel framing accessory components with compressed lead times, will enhance your position in a very competitive market place.

Efficient Technology

The rotary shear technology enables efficient pre-cutting of the product, eliminating the time consuming changeover of cutoff dies.

Accessory System Advantages


  • Changeover from profile to profile is accomplished using a handcrank and digital readout
  • Precut system means no cutoff dies to change
  • High Speed Operation (200 FPM/60 m/min)
  • Up to eight (8) different products can be roll formed to meet customer demand


  • The single System allows manufacturers to dramatically increase their product offering
  • High Productivity with high speed operation
  • Simple Operator friendly controls
  • Increased up-time due to fast changeover between product profiles

Vs the Competition

Thanks to the precut method of processing, the scrap when switching between products is negligible.  With the changeover and setup scrap consideration, Accessory System users can produce smaller orders, more frequently, to virtually eliminate the need for holding finished inventory.

In an effort to illustrate the profit opportunity available to you by choosing the B&K Accessory System, we have generated the following analysis.  This information provides a conservative comparison between a conventional roll forming system and the B&K Accessory System in terms of production (profit) opportunity per month.  This comparison is based on system changeover time from one product to another.

Rotary Punch

One of the main advantages of the B&K Accessory system over other drywall accessory rollforming machines is the rotary punching station.  When running corner bead, resilient channel, or other continuous perforated pattern, the optional continuous pattern rotary punch offers unmatched production speed and compact design compared to tradition perforating methods.  With no press or discrete feeding equipment, the operation, utility requirements and maintenance is greatly simplified and at higher speeds than conventional hole punching methods.  When no hole punching is required, the rotary is simply rolled out of line and stored for later use.

Competition Accessory System
Line Speed (FPM) 150 150
Hours per Shift 8 8
Efficiency per Shift 83% 83%
Minutes per Shift 398.4 398.4
Shifts per Month 20 20
Minutes per Month 7,968 7,968
Tooling Changeovers per Month 20 20
Minutes per Changeover 120 20
Changeover Minutes per Month 2400 400
Available Productive Minutes per Month 5,568 7,568
Feet of Product per Month 835,200 1,135,200
Production Opportunity Per Month (feet) 300,000


Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which B&K metal forming model or service, contract manufacturers can depend on Formtek for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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