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The B&K Uncoiler is a high speed reel capable of production rates in excess of 500 FPM.  For light gauge applications, the B&K Uncoiler is available without hold-downs and ratcheting alignment.  Hydraulic mandrel expansion and 6,000 lbs coil capacity are also options to consider.

This rugged double mandrel design handles 10,000 lbs. per side, that lets you run from one side while loading coil on the other. When it is time to switch you just rotate the reel, thread up and go.

The B&K uncoiler is simpler and safer to use. Mandrel expansion and side to side positioning are hydraulically powered and controlled by the push button operation station.  Powered hold downs are provided on the uncoiler for containing heavy gauge coils as well as assisting with thread-up.

Manual and hydraulic adjustment expansion options, and holddown arms can be fit appropriately to heavy and light gauge applications.

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Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which B&K metal forming model or service, contract manufacturers can depend on Formtek for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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