In-Line Flying Saws

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In-Line Flying Saws

These accurate, high speed, flying cut-off die/saw standard and custom systems combine affordability and technology. Each is equipped with an “Open Loop” or “Closed loop” programmable measuring system capability, batch counting and extremely accurate cut-to-length tolerances. Whatever your application may be; HVAC Flange, Welded Tubes, Window Products (screen frame, muntin, grids) or General Roll Forming Shapes, let Hill Engineering put our experience of over 200+ built flying saw systems for the roll forming industry to work for you.

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Heavy Duty Flying Saws

Steel Tube Saw
  • For cutting-to-length steel welded closed shapes and tubing in-line.
  • Flying saw for office partitions, welded rollformed shape and tubes where quality of cut is more important than overall speeds of cut.

Fenestration, Automotive & Tube Saws

Window Fenestration Saw

Standard Window Fenestration Saw

Uses “Closed Loop” technology which brings a new dimension to high speed in-line sawing of roll formed aluminum screen frames, window spacers, closed shapes and tubing cut directly off the roll former to “Assembly” tolerances up to 150 F.P.M. holding ±1/64″ on 18″ min. lengths. These units can also run up to 300 F.P.M. holding ±.040″. For Screen Frame & Muntin.

Automotive Saw

Flying Saw

for automotive window molding / co-extrusions, extrusions and rubber products.

Dual Head Mitre Saw

Custom In-Line Flying Dual Head Miter Cut for welded aluminum tube

Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which Hill Engineering model or service, contract manufacturers can depend on Formtek for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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