Hydraulic Presses

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Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Flying Die systems, designed and manufactured by Hill Engineering, provide exceptional accuracy and offer you greater flexibility for system design. We manufacture both “Unitized” self-contained die/press hydraulic units, as well as flying hydraulic presses. Our ability to design and build roll forming die systems using the latest high speed hydraulic technology and electronic controls allows us to provide additional ways to solve your production problems.

Standard Hydraulic Press for the Roll Forming and Stamping industries

In press tonnage ranges of 7, 12, 20 & 30

Standard stroke ranges from ½” to 3″

Optional electronic packages for automated or hand feed operations.

With the power of hydraulics, you get full tonnage through the full stroke of the cylinder. This standard self contained press design allows you to move the press for multiple applications or leave dedicated.

Need a different size or tonnage range? We specialize in custom hydraulics to fit your needs.

Standard Hydraulic Press

Flying Hydraulic Postpunching and Cutoff System with electronic measuring

System consists of two (2) postpunching and one (1) cutoff press/die units all being electronically tracked and fired to create any pattern you require. This system has the optional download capabilities allowing you to send part information and quantities from your office directly to the controller. No operator inputting is required. Optional label or part marking systems are available.

Standard self-contained Hydraulic Press/Die Units

Shown is a slugless (crop) press/die (also built are slug-type self-contained units). These dies can stroke in as little as .25 seconds (total cycle time). With this window type design, multiple die inserts can be changeout faster than it would take to changeover your roll mill.

Standard CEE Frame Hydraulic Presses

Shown one of a multiple Hydraulic Cee Frame press frames that we used in a automated walking beam assembly. These units take Hill Engineering years of hydraulic experience to a familiar press look. These presses can be used in an automated system or as a stand alone press option.


Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which Yoder roll former or press model in service, contract manufacturers can depend on Yoder for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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