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Rotary Punching Machines for the Metal Framing and Metal Building Industries

Rotary Punch ShearHill Engineering offers the metal framing and metal building industries 50 years of experience building a wide range of rotary punching units for punching Steel Framing, Steel Joists, holes in interior trim (Corner Beads, J-Trim, etc) parts, louvering and holes in Soffits, Eve Vents, Ridge Vents and Panels. With speeds up to 700 feet per minute for some applications, drive arapid return on your investment.

Rotary units can, in addition to punching holes, perform louvering, lancing, forming, shear forming and embossing operations. In some cases the units can be built with adjustability (“duplex units”) across the part being punched in order to create the same basic pattern, but in different locations across the part.

World's fastest servo-driven, programmable punching system for punching steel studs and joists for the metal framing industry!

This rotary unit is at the entry end of a combination “accessory” (corner bead/j-trim/v-trim) roll forming line with a rotary punching unit and a servo-driven rotary shear to pre-cut the strip before it enters the roll forming operation. This is a quick-change line with rolls pre-mounted to run up to four (4) accessory shapes for metal building trim. The rotary unit is fixed with the roll former adjusting front to back to run each profile.

Lamb Ritchie Louver

Rotary units can punch “cross louvers” which are louvers that are 90 degrees to the material flow (shown here), and also standard louver patterns for eve vents and ridge vents which are shown below.

Old Style Soffit

Shown here is high speed rotary unit producing a standard louvering pattern used to produce eve vents, ridge vents and a multitude of other parts.

Louver Punch Machine

For normal-style soffits, the venting openings are usually “lanced loops” done in a stand-alone powered rotary unit or basic pull-through unit which is either stand-alone or takes the place of a forming station in the roll former. These options do not limit the roll former’s speed at all.

Passive Solar Panels

“Passive Solar” Panels: This high speed rotary unit shear-forms “loops” in 60″ wide steel building siding panels. This unit can take the place of a slow press/feed operation and can run at speeds up to 300(+) fpm! This design is much less risky, much faster with less maintenance than punching dense patterns of small holes to achieve the same air flow.

Corner Bead Rotary Punch

This is only one example of a corner bead rotary punching pattern. There are a great variety of patterns for corner bead, and they can all be run in rotary units identical to this one. This unit can run at speeds of up to 500 fpm. This can be a stand-alone powered unit or stand-alone and simply pulled through by a roll former.

Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which Hill Engineering model or service, contract manufacturers can depend on Formtek for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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