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High Speed Rotary Punching Machines for General Perforating Applications

An option for general perforating companies to achieve more through-put with high production perforating jobs is to use a high speed rotary punch (up to 300-500 fpm) to run the finished width material instead of running wide perforated sheet at a much slower speed in a punch press and having to then slit it down to the finished widths.

Below are applications showing dense pattern high speed rotary punching units. Notice that some units are creating openings using shear-forms and small louvers instead of punching out round or obround holes. When you are able to punch shear-forms or small louvers with rotary punching machines, the operation can be run much faster and generally with less maintenance and with a lower purchase price than when punching holes with the rotary technology.

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Dense Pattern Punch

For some general perforating applications we have punched as many as 1000 holes around the circumference of the rolls while holding .002″ punch to die cutting clearance and cutting extremely clean holes with minimal die roll maintenance. The unit operates at 150-300 fpm.

Mini Louvers

This is an example of a part produced from the rotary punching unit shown above. The openings in this product are “mini-louvers” which can improve the esthetics and air flow of the part.

Mini Louver rotary

Openings can be created in different ways in order to be able to manufacture the sheets or strips cheaper. One of those ways is to substitute mini-louvers or loops (shear-forms) for the holes. These can be punched into the sheets or coils at very high speeds (500-700 fpm) using rotary punching technology. There is less maintenance and sometimes less cost with these rotary units.

Passive Solar Panels

Passive Solar 60″ wide steel building siding panels. Rotary punching can be used even with wide sheets, with the right applications. This unit can take the place of a slow press/feed operation and can run at speeds up to 300(+) fpm! This design is much less risky and less expensive than punching small holes.

Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which Hill Engineering model or service, contract manufacturers can depend on Formtek for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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