Non-Ferrous Metals

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Rotary Punching Machines for Non-Ferrous Materials

High speed punching of thin plastics .005″ – .015″ requires extreme precision of lineup between punch and die when taking a slug out of the plastic part to create an opening.

With over 50 years experience in building high precision rotary punching units, and over 60 years experience in building precision dies, Hill Engineering brings a knowledge base in the engineering required and the machining techniques required to successfully manufacture these precision rotary punching machines.

Plastic Film Hole Punch

Power driven high speed rotary punching unit with vacuum slug system to continuously punch holes and slots near the edges of .005″ thick plastic for the microfilm industry…

Film Hole Rotary Punch

Shown here is a high speed (150-250 fpm) powered rotary punching unit that is punching and recoiling a .005″ thick plastic carrier strip to which terminals will be attached for a plating operation. Punch and die clearance is .001″ maximum per side. This one rotary punching unit took the place of 8 small punch press operations in the same plant and only needed to run 1/2 the hours that the presses ran!

Plastic Hole Punch

The slugs are vacuum exhaust removed and sent down and out tubes into a collection barrel. We are holding .001″ per side maximum cutting clearance between punch and die. The opening created are extremely clean. Material is approximately 5″ wide.

Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which Hill Engineering model or service, contract manufacturers can depend on Formtek for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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