Special Applications

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Rotary Punching Machinery Special Applications

Punch Emboss Corner BeadIn addition to our standard style rotary punch units, Hill Engineering has developed custom units using our rotary punching technology and our tool and die experience, for unique products and markets. The whole point is being to achieve higher production speeds with no loss of quality.

Some examples of these special applications can be seen in the Non-Ferrous Materials section also.

Micro Louvers produced on Hill Engineering rotary punching units. Some of these openings-slits-louvers were used to create air flow passages and some were the start of an expanded metal process.

World's fastest servo-driven, programmable punching system for punching steel studs and joists for the metal framing industry!

Gumball Holes

Rotary units can also be used within different industries like this rotary embossing unit making gum balls for the confectionary industry. This unit is capable of running at speeds of 150 fpm.

Fast Rotary Stitch

When faced with an application that required multiple operations to be done, Hill Engineering took on the challenge and created a tandem rotary punching unit so that we could rotary punch the product progressively by combining two rotary punching units in one self-contained system.

Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which Hill Engineering model or service, contract manufacturers can depend on Formtek for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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