Screen Frame & Muntin Bar Production

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Screen Frame & Muntin Bar Production

The SFM-Series Roll Former has the flexibility to manufacture either muntins or screen frames or both without changing tooling.

Drastically Reduce Downtime; Increase Production

This machine is designed to have up to four sets of rolls installed on the movable chassis. Each set of rolls can be easily aligned with the uncoiler and the closed-loop, flying cutoff saw for fast product changeovers. The high speed servo controlled cutoff saw and batch queue enable the machine to produce finished lengths of screen frame and muntin bar that are ready for window assembly, for a just in time manufacturing environment.

Screen Frame Profiles

5/8” x ¼” Muntin
Contoured Muntin
7/16” x ¾” Screen Frame
3/8” Inside Lip Frame
5/16” Screen Frame
7/16”Screen Frame
7/16” Inside Lip Frame
3/8” Screen Frame
Lift Rail
3/8” Inside Lip Frame
3/8” Outside Lip Frame
3/8” Offset Inside Lip Frame

Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which Winpro model or service, contract manufacturers can depend on Formtek for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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