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Formtek Metal FormingYoder is a designer and builder of equipment, tooling and systems for metal forming, tube and pipe and heavy industrial material handling applications. Yoder can provide custom or off-the-shelf manufacturing solutions that increase production capacity and efficiency of your factory through integrated, streamlined processes, more automation, and faster machines.

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Carl M. Yoder, a draftsman of a Cleveland-area sheet metal company, develops the first continuous cold roll forming machine for the production of automotive mud strips – the Yoder Y-70 Mud Strip Forming Machine.   Shortly thereafter, Strip Wiring Machines and Beaders were introduced to enhance the production of mud strips.

Introduced the Crown Fender Rolling Machine to form automotive crown fenders.

Introduced the Rotary Shear for serpentine cutting of sheet metal patterns and designs.

Introduced the Power Hammer to form large automotive body parts, such as fenders. Used by renowned craftsmen such as Metalworker and car enthusiast Fay Butler and Jesse James of West Coast Choppers


Introduced the Brake Shoe Machine for the production of brake shoe sections.

Introduced the first automatic flying shear cutoff.


Introduced the first commercially available resistance weld tube mill.

Patented the electric tube welder.

First to manufacture a 26″ diameter continuous weld pipe mill.


Introduced the M-Style gear head, which is still an industry standard.

Introduced the first washer/dryer tube beading machine for the appliance industry.

Delivered 140 welded seam tube mills in a 12-year period.


First to apply induction welding to the production of welded seam tube and pipe.

First to manufacture rafted roll formers and tube mills.

Introduced the multiple cross-type tube welding transformer, a breakthrough in tube mill production speeds.

First 180- and 360-cycle tube welder for improved weld quality.


First vapor-cooled transformer revolutionized ERW carbon steel tube making with greater efficiency and higher speeds.

First electron beam welded tube mill.

First roll forming system to accurately form metal varying thickness.

Developed the in-line process to produce refrigeration-quality annealed tubing using a cold-stretch reduction process – still a widely used method of production.


Patented the cage forming process to eliminate some of the breakdown rolls in a pipe mill and to improve quality.

First successful AC square wave welder greatly improved weld quality and tube ID cleanliness.

First to engineer, manufacture, and market a complete welded I-beam system for the production of junior I-beams.

First roll forming system used to prove feasibility of manufacturing structural beams in outer space.

Delivered a system to roll form aircraft structures that varied in thickness from 0.026″ to 0.163″ within each piece length.


Yoder sold to Intercole Corporation in 1981, then to the Northern Group in 1985, and finally to SNS Properties in 1986. SNS Properties also owned Krasny-Kaplan Corporation, Mentor AGVS, and North Coast Distributing.

First to successfully put into production a commercial tube mill for the production of a 2″ OD x 0.008″ wall tube.

Developed for General Motors an in-line system to roll form, sweep, and cut off front and rear bumper bars and brackets, including pre-piercing of mounting and locating holes.

Introduced the heavy-duty panel machine for roll forming structural-type sections of variable width without changing roll tooling.

Delivered an automatically adjusting, computer controlled cage forming section for the production of 16″ OD pipe.


Provided eight (8) roll forming lines that incorporated in-line welding systems to close the formed sections. End products included automotive side pillars and bumpers, electrical underfloor wire duct, industrial racking stepbeam, sign posts, and commercial shelf posts.

Designed large diameter pipe cage forming sections (i.e., 20″ or larger) for IPSCO (Canada), Pusan Steel Pipe (Korea), and Hall Longmore (South Africa).

Introduced a patented, cylinder-actuated, under-driven pneumatic pre-notch and cutoff press. Presses between 5 to 30 tons are available.

Delivered the first two North American automotive passenger-side airbag tube mills. These mills produced perforated tubes that were cut-to-length without any deformation of the tube ends.

Became the North American sales, service, and spare parts representative for French maker, SAF, for Tricathode TIG and plasma welding systems.

Introduced the first Powered Vertical Roll (PVR) stand for use when roll forming tall, narrow sections. This stand the part to be more easily driven through the mill.

Introduced the re-designed WH-series roll stand with new Single-Point Adjustment feature.


Purchased by Formtek, Inc., a subsidiary of Mestek, Inc. on June 30, 2001.

Cage Mill technology licensed to Milltech, to expand the worldwide adoption of Yoder’s industry leading welded Pipe forming technology


  • Re-introduces the Power Hammer for aircraft and custom fabricators
  • Develops and Installs third generation Hot Sizer for processing Premium API Pipe and Casing
  • Designs and installs the first complete Fiber Laser Tube Mill with finishing floor in North America

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