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Yoder has always been known for its range of equipment offerings tailored to fit a broad spectrum of industries and applications. For those that want to consider the various machine types, contained in this equipment section are detailed descriptions and specifications of the standard machine features and technologies that separate Yoder from the rest of the industry.

In Stock Machinery

Sizes and Capacities

QVW-200S (YS-11666) QVW-300S (YS-11917 on top of YS-11666 base)
Gear Reduction   25:1   21:1
Gearbox Ratios   Equal or unequal (top drive can be free float or changeable to various ratios)   Equal or unequal (top drive can be free float or changeable to various ratios)
Motor (hp)   60   60
Number of Rafts   5   5
Number of Stands   20   20
Rafted   Yes   Yes
Roll Shaft Diameter (in)   2   2.5
Roll Shaft Diameter (mm)   50.8   63.5
Roll Space (in)   20   24
Roll Space (mm)   508   610
Size of Base (Stations)   20   20
Stands per Raft   4   4
Special Features   8 stands (or 2x 4-pass rafts) have bottom shaft height adjustment via spacer pucks   8 stands (or 2x 4-pass rafts) have bottom shaft height adjustment via spacer pucks

Forming Machines

With the advent of the Model T, Yoder set out to develop the roll forming machine as an answer to the high volume needs of producing the mud guards for the new, mass produced passenger vehicle.  For 103 years since then, Yoder has continued to refine the roll forming machine.  Three (3) of their designs have evolved into distinct Series that have proved effective for a wide range of roll forming, tube and pipe applications and industries.  Those M-, QVW- and WH-Series machines outlined futher in the following sections.


Yoder offers a range of presses: mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic, each selected for the appropriate application, to insure productivity, whether it is line speed, length tolerance control, multiple shift operations, or capability of multiple processes.  Each of the presses are available in standard as well as custom sizes, whether it is die space, stroke rate/length and controls, each press can be tailored to fit indivudual needs.


Yoder’s staff of tooling engineers has a century of experience in design of complex roll formed shapes, tube and pipe needs.  Utilizing this experience, along with the latest CAD software, to design the tooling specific to each application.  In addition, all the tooling that is designed by Yoder is made by Yoder. We have a complete machine shop equipped with the state-of-the-art multi-axis CNC turning centers, EDM machine and high speed finishing lathes.


For Existing Mill installations, Yoder application engineers can review the current equipment and determine practical solutions for equipment retrofits, to improve throughput, and production reliability.   These retrofits may be upgrades to existing componentry or adding new equipment features, such as seam orientation, for value added to your end customers.  Many of these retrofits can be accomplished by Yoder’s standard accessories, or if the application requires, a special engineered solution.

Specialty Stainless Steel Accessories for Inline Use

Specialty Stainless Steel Accessories for Offline Use

Power Hammer

The Yoder K-90-M is the premier Power Hammer built for bending, forming and planishing light gauge shapes of sheet metal.  They have numerous applications, including automotive parts, aerospace  and custom sheet metal, and are used extensively in the aerospace industry as well as the build of custom cars and choppers, where perfect balance in a power hammer is desirable.  The perfect balance of this hammer is a feature that insures a long life, smooth running and stability; vibration being reduced to the lower possible degree.  Compared to competitor machines, which are a chepaned knock off of the Yoder LK-90-M, the K-90-M offers a larger throat, die area and roughly double the rated blow capacity, enabling the K-90-M Power Hammer to be used for a wider range of large aerospace and automotive parts, as well as greater gauge range capability.  The Yoder Power Hammer is furnished with a specially designed pedestal.

Tube & Pipe Technologies

Yoder offers a wide range of technologies that cover the range of welded tube and pipe applications.  These technologies have been developed over the years and refined, to offer our customers the utmost in productivity, and reliability for the long term.



Weld boxes

Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which Yoder roll former or press model in service, contract manufacturers can depend on Yoder for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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