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Material Handling & Off-Line Processing

Our extensive background in steel, integrated mills, aluminum mills, roll forming, tube and pipe processing puts us in a position to offer you an array of consulting engineering services, including:  heavy machinery and equipment related to site planning, plant layout and system design, feasibility and cost studies, conceptual and detailed system engineering, as well as installation planning and engineering.  If your application requires a completely new facility or expanding and enhancing and existing line, you will get the maximum possible return on your investement with a system from Krasny-Kaplan and Yoder.

Bossi Abbiategrasso

Formtek, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor for Bossi s.r.l. of Abbiategrasso, Italy. The Bossi RSP series of machines provide surface finishing to flat products. Based on the difference between incoming and desired surface finish, the RSP machine can be configured with multiple working heads each finishing the surface a certain amount. Typically, these machines are configured with a head count that yields the desired finish with one complete pass or cycle of the product through each head. However, due to budget constraints, the machines can be configured with less working heads which will require multiple passes to achieve a desired surface finish. In this instance, it would be best to work a batch of product with one group of grinding belts and then work the same batch again after the working heads were set up with a different grit of grinding belts.

Krasny-Kaplan CorporationKrasny-Kaplan and Yoder remain dedicated to the aftermarket support and service of existing KK material handling equipmen installations. In addition to replacement components, Krasny-Kaplan can provide upgrades and retrofits to optomize existing equipment to the greater productivity requirements of today’s manufacturing environment.

Krasny-Kaplan can supply material handling systems that are designed, built and installed specific to each application.  In addition to complete conceptual, designed and detailed mechanical and electrical control engineering services, you will also benefit from our total design capabilities, which include the design and development of software for programmable controllers, as well as custom designed hydraulics, pneumatics and lubrication systems.  This, along with our depth of experience, will result in solutions and equipment that will enable you to move into the next century with the assurance that your system will be “future engineered” to meet anticipated demands and flexible enough to even meet some unanticipated demands.

Grinding Automation

Grinder Automation

Kaplan originally developed and patented the centerless bar grinding automation process in the  50 years ago.  The material handling method has been continuously improved since that time, and remains the ideal method of grinding and polishing bar and tube.  Whether it is processing bar for OEM applications such as hydraulic cylinder rods, or prepping bearing steel, SBQ or other performance alloy bars for the automotive, aerospace, chemical and energy industries, the Krasny-Kaplan grinder automation systems offer the versatility to process a wide range of bar diameters.  With inline inspection, these systems insure consistent product quality and throughput, for the diverse needs of end users.

Long Products

rebar bundle

Krasny Kaplan and Yoder’s long products material handling solutions span a wide range of applications for steel mill bar and pipe processing, as well as the roll forming and tube packaging.  Whether it is hexagonal bundling of pipe and tubes, stacking of steel structural shapes, nesting and automated strapping of roll forming products, or feeding pipe to oil and gas pipe finishing floor, Krasny Kaplan tailors solutions to these applications.  For those installations that require the highest productivity, robust solutions for long term production, these solutions will be sure to provide the mill duty equipment requried to insure uptime and productivity.


Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which Yoder roll former or press model in service, contract manufacturers can depend on Yoder for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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