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Yoder has been a solution provider of roll forming systems for producing appliance components to OEM customers and Tier 1 suppliers:  shelving ladders, door handles, astragals, mullions and cabinet wrappers, to name a few.  These components may be roll formed from pre-painted material, such as the cabinet wrappers and mullions, or roll formed of plain material, then powder coated after roll forming,  Yoder has the engineering experience to design the flexible solutions required for supporting the multiple sizes and configuration of todays refrigerators, cooking appliances, furnaces and air conditioners.


Tooling for Precut prepair

The M-style (toggle) and QVW-style (universal driven) roll forming machines are the standard for the industry.  These two styles of machines have the same adjustment range across equivalent sizes, giving contract roll formers the flexibility to move tooling between various machines as their production schedule requires.  For the heavier duty applications, the WH-style forming stands may be considered.  For cutoff and notching presses, Yoder offers pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical presses.  The P-style mechanical presses and AP-style pneumatic presses for notching and flying cutoff operations are available in standard sizes to cover the needs of most roll forming applications.  The hydraulic press solutions can cover the same size ranges of the mechanical and pneumatic presses but are also available in custom sizes to fit more specific applications, such as embossing or notch and form within the profile.


cutoff system

In addition to the frames and cabinets being roll formed for heating and air conditioning equipment, variable air volume control equipment, such as louvers and dampers, require roll forming of the frame and blade components.  The frames maybe notched and roll formed with pre-cutting or post-cutting, while blades, louvers and airfoils are typically post cut, to accommodate the short part lengths.


Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which Yoder roll former or press model in service, contract manufacturers can depend on Yoder for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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