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Metal Tube and pipe is used in construction for framing building structures, Hollow Structural Sections, “HSS,” as well as for enclosing and transmission of utilities, conduit.  Yoder’s expereince and solutions for these markets can provide a complete tube production system for greenfield operations or retrofit and integration to existing installations in order to optimize production.


Scaffolding for Construction

Hollow Structural Sections, “HSS,” is a classification of tubing used for construction in buildings and other structures.  A feature of HSS is that this type of tubing is easily fabricated into a structure, an important characteristic for use in construction.  Because of the wide range of standard sizes, HSS tubing is commonly used in non-construction applications as well.  Hollow structural sections are made in round, squares and rectangles, from 1-1/4” (32 mm) square, 0.125” (3.2 mm) thick, up to 20” (508mm) diameter round, 5/8” (16 mm) thickness.  All of these product sizes  can be made by longitudinal welding on Yoder tube mill equipment.  Structural sizes up to 5” (127 mm) diameter round, 0.250” (6.4 mm) can be produced on our standard WH-series mills.  The larger sizes can utilizes our industry proven WH-series designs, tailored to the specific customers focus of size range, as well as Yoder’s Full Cage Forming Technology for efficiency of changeover for producing large diameters, up to 26” Diameter (660 mm).


Construction Piping

Once a building structure is in place, the next layer of tubing products are utilized:  electrical conduit.  As the industry leader in ERW Square Wave welding technology coupled with the M-, QVW-, or WH-series tube mills, Yoder can provide tube mills that cover the entire range of conduit sizes, up to 6” (152 mm) OD.  The Yoder Square Wave welder can weld small diameter conduit at high speeds, where other welding methods are limited by saturation of those sizes.  Yoder has installed conduit mills that run up to 1200 FPM (365 m/min), so productivity for the largest manufacturers is no problem.

For those investigating the production of electrical conduit, one may also consider roll forming strut framing channel and cable tray products


Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which Yoder roll former or press model in service, contract manufacturers can depend on Yoder for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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