Building System Manufacturer Gains Competitive Edge with High Capacity Machines








A designer and manufacturer of commercial modular building systems in Ontario, Canada, recently acquired a B&K 3-TSR Supermill and a B&K Accessory System from the Formtek Group. They sought a solution after their previous method of purchasing studs from a steel framing distributor wasn’t meeting expectations.

Consistency is a crucial factor for the production of the building systems, which are composed of pre-built modular panels that save construction teams time and money. With the 3-TSR Supermills’ patented gauge adjustment and matching system, the studs and tracks produced are more dimensionally uniform; two studs can be put back-to-back and the holes line up, so there is no need to adjust them or drill new holes on-site.

The machines the customer uses are also versatile. “Between the two B&K machines, the customer is able to cover their entire range of drywall stud and track products, as well as all of their accessories,” explained Jack Pennuto, the Formtek representative working with the account. “Using different equipment under another system would require three machines, maybe more. Although throughput on the 3-TSR, which is about 500 feet per minute, tends to be the biggest draw for most customers, the versatility of the machine is often a huge cost benefit.”



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