Diversified Manufacturer of Steel Components Adds Product Line with Accessory System from Formtek

A Colombian diversified manufacturer of steel components recently purchased a B&K Accessory System from Formtek. This system is tooled up with angles and furring channels which can be made in different sizes and gauges. These channels are used to hang drywall on the concrete and block type constructions which are the norm in Latin America and other places outside the U.S. 

The furring channels are a new machine type for the manufacturer, who did not have a previous system like the B&K one. When searching for a supplier, they came across Formtek’s website and liked what they saw.


“The value that they saw in our accessory system was that the machines would allow them to make the product to order because of the quick changeover and ease of switching between sizes of products,” says Formtek Group’s Jack Pennuto Jr. “They would be able to set up the machine just to run the amount of finished product they needed for an order and then switch over to the next product to run for the next order.” This eliminates the need to run large orders for stock and then have the machines down for large periods of time to do change-over for
the next product. With the B&K system, they can run product at 200 feet or 60 meters per minute and switch production between products in a matter of minutes because there is no change-over.


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