Formtek’s Latinate View On Machinery Lubricating

Knowing the original Latin word frequently helps to convey an English meaning, and lubricus, or slippery, is no exception. In this case, it could also help the essential routines for machinery lubrication from ever slipping your mind, so to speak!  It goes without saying that regular applications of grease and oil are absolutely necessary for the proper care and maintenance of cold roll forming machines, tube mills and the dozens of metal parts.

–Lubrication’s importance is still apparent with increasing demands placed on machines for greater production capacity and exceptional quality of the finished product. Therefore, lubricating should be handled on a systematic basis, based on either operating hours or time intervals. When several lubrication points require attention, make sure to avoid missing one — failure to lubricate at just one point may result in replacements requiring the entire machine to be shut down.

–Your system of due dates will also help to ensure an adequate supply of lubricants on hand, and also act as a check on the quantity of lubricant consumed — a desirable protection against needless waste or loss of oil.BLOG2

— Over‐oiling, you should note, won’t compensate for irregular attention. The excess will usually disappear unused and often contribute to aggravating leakage or, where parts dip in the oil, cause an increase in operating temperature as a result of greater churning.

–Selecting the most suitable lubricants is central to the program. Avoid experimenting at all costs and only go with proven grades. The accompanying 2-page chart lists our own choices in the right-hand column. These Mobil Oil lubricants have tested well for a number of years. Pick another brand by all means, but make sure its quality and service value are in the same ballpark.

–While finding the most suitable specs for lubricantsBLOG22 is never a perfect exercise, a good general guide to suitability is viscosity. That’s why we always indicate a recommended viscosity range for particular requirements. In addition, use service record and proven performance as the yardstick.

–Having chosen your lubricants, make sure to keep them clean by using proper storage methods. A closed room or cabinet is always desirable. Same goes for the dispensing equipment — oil cans, grease guns, etc. — and the application points. Be sure 100% dirt free before lubricant is introduced.




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