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Informational PDFs To Help You Learn About Our Machines

Tube Mills: Laser Welding

An emerging option for tube and pipe producers

Heavy Gauge & High-Strength SteelsProducts ranging from crane rails, automotive bumpers, to truck frame components are within our capability.
Cam Rotary: Modern Metals

Cam Technology Advances rotary punch/shear capabilities

Theory & Application of Roll FormingFundamentally roll forming is defined as a continuous, high-volume, fabricating process in which a desired shape is formed from a flat strip of metal.
Square Wave Electrode WeldersThe purpose of this paper is to explain the history, the basic principles, the advantages, the disadvantages, and the uses of the Square Wave Welder.

B&K Supermill Brochure

Accessory System

B&K Accessory System provides the ability to produce a wide range of steel framing accessories

Slitting Systems

For ferrous and non-ferrous meterials, including surface critical applications, with incoming coils up to 24″ wide.

Slitting Solutions 2

Tishken Slitting Systems are a purpose designed and built solution for OEMs and Service Centers

Edge Conditioning - Metric

Tishken edge condition systems are a service center’s most valued machine.

Edge Conditioning

Tishken edge conditioning systems are a service center’s most valued machine.

Coil Processing

Coil Processing: Slitting and Edging Solutions.

Rotary Punch Systems

For over 50 years, Hill Engineering has been the leader in rotary punching systems.

Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic press systems designed and manufactured by Hill Engineering provide exceptional accuracy and flexibility.

Air Presses

Hill Engineering’s standard line of air presses are an economical solution for low tonnage, high-speed punching, notching and cutting.

Screen Express Brochure 2

The revolutionary semi-automatic screen roller for window fabricators.

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