Manufacturer Increases Efficiency and Keeps Costs Down with a New Hill Hydraulic Press


A manufacturer of industrial electrical components recently acquired a new HHP-30-CO Hill Hydraulic Press from Formtek for use in their Reno, Nevada facility. This manufacturer has been doing business with Formtek for many years and with some of the brands within the Formtek Group for even longer, so it made sense to turn to Formtek when their old press needed replacing.

The manufacturer had been using a 50-year-old mechanical under-driven press, which required thousands of dollars a year in maintenance costs. Due to the downtime and productivity issues of their old machinery, they had to run 2-shifts, 6 days a week. When they upgraded to the HHP-30-CO, they could cover the same production in 1 shift, 5 days a week.

The manufacturer already had functional cut-off dies and tooling, so Formtek replaced their old press while utilizing their existing tooling. This saved a significant amount of money while also minimizing the time needed to make the transition between machinery. Additionally, because of the consistency of the cycling action of the hydraulic cut-off press, the manufacturer is able to program the position that the cut occurs underneath the ram of the press. Their cut-off tooling will last longer and be more efficient.



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