Tube & Pipe

Tube & Pipe

For Tube and Pipe manufacturing, Formtek provides a range of solutions to fit the application: complete mills, individual machines, mill accessories, tooling, as well as well as consulting, engineering studies and retrofits to existing installations.

Formtek & Yoder have long been recognized as one of the earlier pioneers in the welded seam tube mill business.  Yoder offers multiple standard tube mills for common product sizes.  In addition to the standard machines, Yoder also offers specialized equipment that covers a huge diameter range of metal tubes and pipes;  from the 3/16″ (4.76mm) O.D. cold stretch reducing mills to the 28″ OD cage mills.

As required by the application for welding the tube or pipe, we can provide mills with high-frequency induction or contact welders, DC & AC Square Wave Welding (ERW), TIG and laser.

Mechanical Tubing

Mechanical tubing is a broad term for general round and shape tubes used in a variety of industries and applications, from residential lawn furniture to fabricating ladders on a commercial vehicle or frames for industrial generators.


Metal Tube and pipe is used in construction for framing building structures, Hollow Structural Sections, “HSS,” as well as for enclosing and transmission of utilities, conduit.

Pallet Racking

For storage and pallet racking, the frames of the shelves are produced using a step beam tube.  Our flexible forming mill for welded Step-Beam profiles offers the ultimate in changeover between step beam sizes, for efficient production while minimizing setup scrap and changeover time.

Appliance & HVAC

For Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning equipment, as well as home appliances, the heat transfer element, whether it is condensing or evaporating, may utilize welded tubing.  Very similar to the automotive fuel line, our Cold Reducing Tube Mill produces small diameter tubing for these applications.


As the design and manufacture of automobiles has evolved, several elements of vehicles utilize welded metal tubing for safety and performance, including fuel lines, crash beams, and exhaust. The Yoder name is synonymous with the production of single wall fuel line tubing, worldwide.

Energy Industries

With new techniques for extraction of hydrocarbon-based fuels, more specialized materials, heat-treating and finishing processes are required to produce the high performance pipe for these applications.

Service Centers

For the service centers producing tube & pipe, our mill technology and accessories offer the perfect upgrade for existing installations. Whether it is Single Point Adjustment, to speed up the gap adjustment and setup repeatability of or a Seam Rotation Stand, to orient the weld location for reshaping purposes, we offer a range of standard machine accessories

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