North American Manufacturers Find New Support for Milltech Systems

CLEVELAND, OH – Milltech, a worldwide leader in pipe manufacturing and finishing systems, has established a local foothold in supporting North American manufacturers by partnering with Formtek, Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio. Headquartered in Daejon, Korea, Milltech has been the worldwide licensee of Yoder Cage Forming Technology* for nearly 15 years.

“Milltech has supplied numerous installations in North America and across the world with improved ERW pipe manufacturing processes, leveraging our proven Cage Mill Technology as a key part of those solutions. It was a no-brainer to offer reciprocal support for Milltech equipment here in North America, where we could leverage our local position to support their customers.”

Formtek Sr. Vice President, Jack Pennuto, Jr.

Milltech has recently developed new pipe threading equipment for API products, as well as a milling cutoff for Pipe and Hollow Structural Sections. Both act as excellent additions to pipe producers’ current capabilities in the United States, Canadian, and Mexican markets.

Existing Milltech customers and manufacturers exploring new pipe finishing solutions can request an on-site facility review with Formtek to evaluate their available options for utilizing Milltech’s proven equipment in their own operation.

For more information or general inquiries, contact us today.

* Yoder is a member of the Formtek, Inc. family.


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