2DWR Drywall Supermill

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The 2DWR Supermill runs both drywall stud and track products from 1-5/8” through 8” web widths and continuous material thickness adjustment from 25 gauge drywall up to 18 gauge light structural products.  The flange height for studs is set as a standard of one quarter inch. It can also include optional hemming fixture for light gauge track products. And the 2DWR supermill system has the smallest foot print of any high production stud and track roll forming system available today. Less than 30 ft. long, from the double uncoiler to the exit end of the Rollformer, and is just over ten feet wide with a system capable of producing 3 to 7 tons of finished products each hour. With speeds up to 500 FPM (150 m/min), you will want to consider a B&K Master Bundler to automate much of the packing process.

Succesfully roll forming in a precut method, where our competition fails, the Supermill outperforms by producing drywall and light structural stud and track, thanks to the precision build quality of B&K’s high technology uncoiler, rotary punch, rotary shear and patented gauge adjustment roll former, as well as the short horizontal center distance of the roll former, insuring consistent product dimensions across the range of profile sizes and gauges.

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