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24inch-9.5t-400mpm Milling Cutoff from Formtek, Inc. on Vimeo.

Yoder has been involved with the pipe producing market for many years. Cutoffs have evolved from rotary disc or tool machines to friction saws to the latest saw technologies. Milling saws provide a fantastic edge finish with minimum burr but tend to have longer cycle times. Formtek works with its licensee Milltech to provide the pipe mill markets the highest quality with the greatest performance. Milltech has developed mill cutoff systems utilizing 2-heads or 4-heads (depending on pipe size) to provide the best combination of end finish and cycle time performance. These machines are designed to handle the heavy strains put on them by the demanding cycles required by our customers.

8inch -9t-400mpm Milling Cutoff from Formtek, Inc. on Vimeo.

Machines are available for 16”, 20” and 25” OD pipe systems.

25” Four-headed Milling Cutoff SystemThese systems are not limited to only round pipe but can be utilized in the large Structural/HSS market as well cutting shapes and rectangles made from the above mother pipe sizes. Products cut by the milling cutoff system typically do not require secondary burr removal due to the precise “machined finish” left by milling cut off saw blades.

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