Fusion Welded OD Bead Belt Grinding Unit

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Machine Description

Formtek, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor for Bossi s.r.l. of Abbiategrasso, Italy. The Bossi STP series of machine provide inline, external weld bead grinding (conditioning) to smooth out the weld zone area of longitudinally welded tubes/pipes using fusion welding techniques (TIG or laser). The machine utilizes an abrasive belt the grinds across the weld bead. An oscillation can be setup so as to provide a more smooth and curved finish that the weld area as well. Two main model sizes exist and are:

STP 3000/150/170 Coaxial

  • Outer Diameter Range (OD): 0.393” to 6.063” (10 to 154 mm)
  • Standard version made from carbon steel
  • Special version almost made entirely of stainless steel

STP 3000/150/410 Coaxial

  • Outer diameter range (OD): 2.000” to 16.141” (50 to 410 mm)

Each unit requires a filtering system that can be supplied as well. Typically, these devices are installed right after the TIG or laser welding system, prior to the annealing, sizing or calibration passes.

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