Fusion Welded OD Bead Flapper Wheel Grinding Unit

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Machine Description

Formtek, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor for Bossi s.r.l. of Abbiategrasso, Italy. The Bossi UP series of machine provide inline, external weld bead grinding (conditioning) to smooth out the weld zone area of longitudinally welded tubes/pipes using fusion welding techniques (TIG or laser) OR CAN BE USED AS ADDITIONAL BEAD CONDITIONING FOR HF WELDING SYSTEM UTILIZING SCARFING. The machine utilizes a flapper wheel the grinds across the weld bead. One main model exists and is:

UP 100

  • Outer Diameter Range (OD): 0.393” to 6.063” (10 to 154 mm)

Typically, these devices are installed right after the welding system, prior to the annealing, sizing or calibration passes.

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