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Bossi LM90 Doppio

Formtek, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor for Bossi s.r.l. of Abbiategrasso, Italy. The Bossi LP series of machines provide inline ID bead ironing or planishing by utilizing both an OD support roll assembly and an ID working mandrel. The OD support roll assembly has the ability to move up and downstream (cyclically) so that one particular portion of the ID bead can be worked multiple times. Several models exist:

Application (Line Type) Model Inner Diameter (ID) Range
TIG Welding LM 130 0.709” to 4.724” (18 to 120 mm)
LM 230 4.724” to 7.992” (120 to 203 mm)
LM 310 7.480” to 11.023” (190 to 280 mm)
Laser Welding LM 90 Double 0.984” to 3.543” (25 to 90 mm)
LM 168 Double 3.149” to 6.614” (80 to 168 mm)

Typically, these devices are installed INLINE right after the welding and OD bead grinding operations, before the sizing or calibration rolling operations. Hydraulic power unit is included as well as the ID mandrel support stand. Critical measurements of an existing tube mill are necessary for retrofit situations.

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