Light Structural 2dwr-Plus Supermill

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Adjustment from 25 gauge drywall up to 16 gauge light structural products with variable leg lengths up to 2″. The Supermill outperforms the competition by successfully producing drywall and light structural stud and track, in a precut method, thanks to the precision build quality of B&K’s high technology equipment and the short horizontal center distance of the roll former, insuring consistent product dimensions across the range of profile sizes and gauges, where the competition fails.

We have expanded the capabilities of the 2DWR with the addition of the 2DWR-Plus, which provides the same feature set as the 2DWR plus adds the ability to run lengths heights from 1 to 2 inches at five hundred feet per minute leg heights are easily adjustable no roll change over is required.

To further increasing the coverage of light structural products, we offer the new 2DWR 16.  The same product size range as the 2DWR-Plus, but the material thickness is increased to include capacity for 16 gauge.

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