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Four Post Cutoffs

The four-post presses employ a fabricated steel sub-base, with screw-type lateral and vertical adjustment for machine alignment. The heavy, cast semi-steel frame is stress relieved and accurately machined to insure correct and permanent alignment of moving parts. The heavy duty, machined upper crosshead insures accurate alignment of the die rails, which are hardened and ground, and mounted in pilot grooves.

The crankshaft — a heat treated and machined alloy steel forging — and the flywheel are mounted in grease-lubricated, anti-friction roller bearings with dust seals. The air-operated, multiple-disc clutch and spring set brake are electrically controlled. Provision is made on the P-42 and P-52 presses for non-repeat, single stroke operation, manual cutting, and jogging.

These machines are furnished with a solid-type head, adjustable with spacers or, as an optional feature, can be equipped for setting of shut height with a single screw.

Open Throat Cutoffs

Open throat design provides maximum accessibility for die adjustment and service. It also makes for easier removal of finished lengths of stock. These press type cutoffs have fabricated steel sub-bases, with adjusting screws for lateral and vertical alignment. Semi-steel, cast frames are accurately machined to insure permanent alignment of moving parts.

Heads are semi-steel castings, deeply ribbed. Long bearing surfaces are accurately fitted to machined ways in the press frame. Long steel gibs hold the head in the ways, insuring proper alignment. Hardened and ground steel die slides support the die shoe and punch holder of the P-25 press. Hardened and ground die rails, mounted in pilot grooves in the press frame of the P-55 and P-75 units, insure alignment of the sliding cutoff die.

Cutoff Capacity
P-24 P-25 P-42 P-52 P-55 P-75 P-80 P-100 150 Ton
Press Design Four-Post Open Throat Four-Post Four-Post Open Throat Open Throat Four-Post Four-Post Four-Post
Single-Shear Cutting Capacity (Inches2) 0.5 0.5 1.2 2 2.5 3.6 3.2 4 6
Single-Shear Cutting Capacity (mm2) 12.7 12.7 30.4 50.8 63.5 91.4 81.3 101.6 152.4

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