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Formtek, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor for Bossi s.r.l. of Abbiategrasso, Italy. The Bossi RSP series of machines provide surface finishing to flat products. Based on the difference between incoming and desired surface finish, the RSP machine can be configured with multiple working heads each finishing the surface a certain amount. Typically, these machines are configured with a head count that yields the desired finish with one complete pass or cycle of the product through each head. However, due to budget constraints, the machines can be configured with less working heads which will require multiple passes to achieve a desired surface finish. In this instance, it would be best to work a batch of product with one group of grinding belts and then work the same batch again after the working heads were set up with a different grit of grinding belts.

two or four side finish

What if you have two sides of a flat product to finish OR you have four sides (such a hollow square or rectangle tube), the machines can then be configured with a “return” belt system to bring back product to the entry of the machine.

The operator can then “flip” the product and load it back onto the main finishing belt. For a four sided product, such as a hollow square or rectangle, the operator will have to perform this operation a total of four time to get each side.

Bossi Offline Control Systems

Systems are configured with controls systems (typically Siemens PLC based). Each head is independently controlled with both belt speed, pressure and motor load.

edge deburring







In some cases, flat surface finishing may leave a product with a slight edge burr. For the most demanding requirements, machines can be outfitted with an edge deburring unit at the end of the line. This will guarantee a complete burr free, polished product.

Mirror Surface Finish







Mirror surfaces can be achieved with these systems using special “mop” heads coupled with polishing compounds.

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