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Formtek, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor for Bossi s.r.l. of Abbiategrasso, Italy. The Bossi CPS, SF and F1 series of machines provide surface finishing or centerless grinding on round hollow or bar products made from ferrous (carbon and stainless steel) and non-ferrous materials (aluminum, brass, etc.). Products such as pistons or cylinder rods are commons for these finishing products.

Based on the difference between incoming and desired surface finish, these machines can be configured with multiple working heads each finishing the surface a certain amount. Typically, these machines are configured with a head count that yields the desired finish with one complete pass or cycle of the product through each head.

Application (Line Type) Model Design Features Outer Diameter (OD) Range Minimum Processing Length for Tube/Bar
Round surface finishing CPS-CP Laterally adjustable heads with belts working on the side 0.393” to 6.625 (10 to 168 mm) 7.875” (200 mm) with special equipment; otherwise, 40” (1 M) standard
SF Pivoting adjustable heads with belts working on the side 0.393” to 4.725” (10 to 120 mm)
F1 Fixed head with belts working on the top (conveyor is adjustable based on diameter of product) 0.787” to 7.875” (20 to 200 mm) 80” (2 M) with special equipment; otherwise, 120” (3 M) standard






Depending on the recommended design style, these machines can be designed with tube/bar loading and unloading systems. Loading systems begin with bundles that pick one tube/bar at a time to load into the machine and then tubes can be re-bundled after passing through the working heads.

offline round product controls








Systems are configured with controls systems (typically Siemens PLC based). Each head is independently controlled with both belt speed, pressure and motor load. Product transfer speed (or pass through speed) is also controlled. When changing diameters, the machines can be designed with both manual or automatic capabilities (meeting budget requirements of our customers).

Mirror surfaces can be achieved with these systems using special “mop” heads coupled with polishing compounds.

All three (3) design types offer quick belt change and alignment systems as shown in the pictures below:







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