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B&K 3TSR Supermill’s Automatic Servo Adjustment from 25 gauge drywall up to 12 gauge structural products. And changing from one hole shape to another involves a simple change out of the die and punch inserts. The amazing B&K rotary shear cuts the coil right after punching, when the blank has already started into the roll former.

This pre-cutting method is more economical than post cut because you don’t need to buy different cut off dies for different profiles and you don’t lose valuable production time changing out cut off tools.

The one shear blade cuts 25 to 12 gauge material,l up to 22 inches wide. The rotary shear is quiet, extremely accurate and fast. Then we come to the roll former, the revolutionary B&K Supermill. This machine has been called the first true technological break through in roll forming in the past 25 years and it has quickly become the new standard for quality, for flexibility, and for productivity in roll forming steel framing.  The Supermill is capable of complete change over, from making light drywall studs to large 12 gauge structurals in less than 1 minute. And you do this simply by pushing a button, because you never need to touch a single wrench.

Supermill roll tooling for all profiles of stud and track is set up at the factory, so there is no need to adjust it after it reaches your plant. You never change out rolls. You never even use spacers or shims. The Supermill’s permanent tooling automatically adjusts to the web width, the leg height and the return you want, simply by entering these settings on the operator touch screen and you set exactly the right roll tooling clearance, both horizontal and vertical gaps, by keying in your material thickness on the same screen. No manual adjustment screws to set and none of the springs or cartridges that are supposed to be self adjusting, but end up giving you uneven gaping and inconsistent pressure.  The Supermill’s patented roll gap adjustment and its unique roller guide design work together to give you more correct, consistent profiles than any other steel framing roll former. There is absolutely no air bending with the supermill, but there are powered fine adjustments to let you adjust for flare and to remove the bow you sometimes get from inconsistent steel. With the B&K super mill, the time you save on setup and adjustment is time spent running production, at speeds that leave other framing roll formers far behind.

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