School Bus Manufacturer Increases Efficiency with Updated Roll Former

Formtek recently supplied a major school bus manufacturer with a new roll forming system for use in producing the roof bows that make up the top structure of school bus cabins. Previously, this manufacturer was using a roof bow machine that was over 40 years old and not as repeatable or reliable as newer systems.

The new Yoder M-2 roll former they purchased is capable of higher production rates and has OSHA-approved safety guarding. It also provides modern controls that allow manufacturers to download production to the machine from their office, which streamlines processes. They can remotely monitor the machine’s functions, including scrap down time. This system allows the manufacturer to run a day’s production in one shift rather than the two shifts required by the old machine.

When updating to this more efficient system, the school bus manufacturer chose Formtek as the vendor because of previous experience with the company.  Five or six years ago, Formtek had supplied the same manufacturer with a roll forming system for the floor structure and for the skirting or gusset that goes around the base of a bus. “On top of that, we do have previous experience producing roof bow for other manufacturers of school buses,” said Jack Pennuto, the Formtek representative working with the account. “So, we are the industry expert as well.”


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