Sheet Metal Shops Are Thriving On Lasers

The importance of laser alignment to sheet metal efficiency can’t be emphasized enough in this modern age of fierce competition and economic uncertainty. Mastery of the software that controls the special lasers is absolutely essential for installations, retrofits and maintenance. There’s no better example of this than Formtek’s full turnkey installation team.

These highly-trained engineers supervise the arrangement of equipment on the facility floor, and then gets to work– fast – as follows:

  • Wire all components from customer approved Formtek drawings
  • Test and verify all components within the new set-up
  • Interface the new equipment with existing equipment

And then, to cap their performance, they accurately place and align all the equipment by using the latest available laser alignment technology. Ask them and they’ll tell you: “What a difference this makes to start-up and retrofit speeds – and the ability to stay competitive at all times!”

But that’s not all. The Formtek team doesn’t go home without performing initial start-up adjustments, training local staff on operating procedures, and advising on common maintenance and trouble-shooting techniques. High on the list, as you might guess, is software, as it relates to laser alignment, but also to essential information such as the handling of orders.

State-of-the art alignment technology means goodbye to traditional methods such levels, squares and theodolites.  Alignments using lasers can be completed at least 10 times faster.  Yes, lasers are here to stay.  Today, there’s no other way.


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