In-sourcing Rollforming Production


Formtek Group Inc. recently supplied a roll forming line to a Memphis-based manufacturer of weather-stripping, threshold products, lite kits, louvers and glass for commercial wood and steel doors. The manufacturer is using this particular machinery to make window frames for steel fire and security doors. Previously, they had purchased the frame components elsewhere and were looking to bring production in-house.  

The manufacturer needed to make 3 different frame profiles, so Formtek supplied an HX series self-contained hydraulic cut-off die with removable cutting sections. This way, the manufacturer only had to switch out the cutting inserts to transition between products rather than changing over the whole die. The custom system includes a pocket-type die holder which requires less than five minutes of change-over time to switch inserts. This saves significant time and money for the manufacturer as now they do not have to buy a complete die for every profile. The return on investment justified purchasing this roll forming line.


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