Advances in Steel Mill Core Wire Roll Forming

For many years, steel mill core wire products have been produced using the roll forming process.  Either solid or powder core, the process is essentially the same with forming of the steel strip jacket, either solid core or powder core insertion area, closing and a slight reduction to compact the core inner portions.

Latest Steel Mill Core Wire Products

Figure 1: Lastest Steel Mill Core Wire Products Roll Forming Machine (Photo Courtesy Formtek, Inc. – Yoder)

Formtek has advanced this traditional model by utilizing the latest methods used in other roll forming applications such as:

  • Rafted subplates for faster changeovers between sizes
  • Single point adjustment for faster gauge changes within a diameter family
  • Specialized support stands through the powder filling process

Rafted Subplates and Single Point Adjustments

One the biggest advantages to this market sector is the utilization of rafted subplate technology.  This gives the user fast changeovers and allows scheduling to have the utmost flexibility.  Another specialization for these products, the use of single point adjustment components.  Most steel mill core wire products have a specific diameter with a small variation of wall thicknesses to form the outer jacket of the product.  This variation is quickly adjusted by using single point adjustments so that both sides of the roll stand move vertically in the same increments, thus making setup changes very easy on the operators.

Rafted Subplates for the Forming Area

Figure 2: Rafted Subplates for the Forming Area (Photo Courtesy Formtek, Inc. – Yoder)

Specialized Support Stands Through the Powder Filling Process

For years, adapting the powder filling process into the roll forming line has been left up to the individual customers’ to provide proper integration.  Formtek has developed a system that makes this integration much easier.  This unit utilizes sealed bearings preventing contamination in the dust-filled powder process.  The wire edges are supported to compliment uniform powder filling.  The entire unit is very easy to setup with digital mechanical counters for both the height adjustment and open/close adjustments.

Example of Powder Support Roller Section

Figure 3: Example of Powder Support Roller Section (Powder Feed Funnel Not Shown) (Photo Courtesy Formtek, Inc. – Yoder)

Since the powder funnel section (normally positioned directly above the support roller section but not shown in these examples) is fixed in space, the entire support roller section is also rafted and utilizes an air-quick lift to roll the raft out for easy lift by forklift or by crane.  This prevents accidental damage to the powder funnel section.

Example of Powder Support Roller Section Changeover

Figure 4: Example of Powder Support Roller Section Changeover (Powder Feed Funnel Not Shown) (Photo Courtesy Formtek, Inc. – Yoder)

The strength of the Formtek Group is the ability to adapt various technologies (learned and developed from other markets and applications) to new markets.  Formtek is in a constant state of improving their products and services for their customers’ worldwide.


Formtek is a group of long-established companies, each with a well-known name and a history of providing innovative, reliable equipment to the metal forming and metal processing industries. As a single source provider, Formtek continues to supply its customers with the highest quality equipment, parts and service available in the industries it serves.

Visit the Formtek website ( for additional information on products, services and employment opportunities available.


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