Welding: The Form Roll Shape Process

Welding of strip steel into a round tube or pipe is a multi-billion-dollar industry throughout the world. The process technology has been around for nearly a century, and is responsible for many items that we use today such as conduit and condenser tubing, fuel lines and other mechanical tubular products. Original equipment manufacturers in the roll forming area have been approached more frequently in the last five to ten years about using the tube and pipe making technology in the welded shape process. There are numerous reasons for making the change to a welded shape roll form process, including cost savings, elimination of superfluous secondary operations, and improved structural strength and integrity.

While there are many benefits to using this type of technology, there are costs associated as well.The costs are typically an investment in capital equipment and skilled people who can apply the technology. The selection of the welding process as an integral part of the in-line operation can determine whether the return on investment is adequate to justify the capital expenditure and/or select the new process as a viable avenue to produce this part with greater efficiency ata lower cost.
The application of welded shape technology can increase productivity and reduce costs when applied correctly. It is important that the original equipment manufacturer and the customer know what is required to make such a technique beneficial to the user.


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