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Hill Engineering has been a leader in engineering and building of roll forming and stamping machines for over 50 years. We specialize in providing unique alternatives to solve your production problems, such as: stamping dies, progressive dies, in-line punching die and cutoff die systems for roll forming, hydraulic die/press systems, hydraulic tube cutoffs, rotary punching machines, or special machines (turnkey systems) to punch, swage, form and notch roll formed parts or tubing.

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We are a full service tool & die making and special machine building facility which is made up of sales engineers, design engineers, tool & die makers and service techs.

An added compliment to our standard tool & die making equipment are our 5 CAD/CAM design stations, 4 CNC mills,1 CNC machining centers and 1 wire EDM’s. We also have complete facilities for designing, building and testing hydraulic systems.

From Past To Present


Reese HillOne man, Maurice Hill, started the tool & dieshop that would come to be known as Hill Engineering. Since then, Hill Engineering has expanded to 90 employees in two locations with a more focused approach on roll forming and stamping dies. From the very beginning Hill Engineering has designed and built standardstamping dies as well as flying dies and systems for the roll forming industry.


Moved into the present location in Villa Park, Illinois.


Opened a tool & die facility in Danville, Kentucky, which is 6,000 square feet in size.


Doubled the size of the Villa Park, IL facility to the present 30,000 square feet.

From humble 1950 beginnings, Hill Engineering has grown into a leader intool & die making and special machine building, especially relating to thestamping, roll forming and tubing industries. Throughout our growth we have added pneumatics, hydraulics and electronics expertise to our tool & die making skills.

Hill Engineering’s reputation throughout the years has been built on an unwavering belief that the customer deserves a vendor who continues to provide innovative and unique solutions to their problems, as well as standard-setting quality and unprecedented service.


Mestek, Inc., a diversified manufacturer of innovative, high quality heating,ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment, louvers, dampers & sunshades, metal-forming & fabricating machinery and vertically integrated software systems purchased 90% of Hill Engineering, Inc. Hill Engineering is a subsidiary of Formtek, Inc., which consists of the metal-formingfabricating machinery group of Mestek.


Mestek, Inc purchased the last 10% of Hill Engineering stock; making it a full subsidiary and combined with Yoder, Dahlstrom, Tishken, Lockformer and B&K to create Formtek Metal Forming.

Danville, KY tool & die facility expanded to 14,000 square feet.


Hill Tool and Die in Danville, KY closed its doors for the final time with all operations moved to Hill Engineering Villa Park, IL


Mestek, Inc and Hill Engineering decided to spin off its gasket product line and associated equipment to refocus on its core business product line ofroll forming. In fall Hill Engineering moved to a new facility dedicated to provide high quality, competitive price dies and equipment for the roll forming industry.

Hill Engineering continues to provide quality solutions for:

  • Stamping dies
  • Cutoff and punching dies (and systems) for the roll forming industry
  • Hydraulic punching and cutoff systems for the roll forming and tubing industries
  • High speed rotary punching machines
  • High speed flying saw systems for the roll forming and tubing industries
  • “Dimple-free” hydraulic tube cutoff systems
  • Progressive and compound dies

To this day, Hill Engineering continues to strive to maintain a reputation for being one of the top Tool & Die making and Special Machine Builders.

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