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Pallet Racking & Storage

Palleting racking components can be roll formed by OEM producers and as well as more job shop type manufacturers.  As the components have been press brake formed in small volumes, its possible for a growing company to incrementally transition to the productivity advantages of roll forming.

Blank fed Roll Forming

For the pallet racking manufacturer that currently produces posts, braces and step beam by notching precut strips then forming with a brake press, the addition of a roll former can increase production volume without increasing labor.  Yoder has even produced a solution for making step beam in a single piece, from precut strip, where the part can be finished welded along with addition of the end brackets in an offline fixturing operation.

Leveraging the customers existing strip notching capabilities, the processed strips can be fed to a stand alone roll forming machine to produce the net shape, inplace of the slower, and material handling intensive press brake process.  The roll forming machine can be changed over between toolsets, whether post, braces or step beams need to be produced.

Coil Fed Roll Forming

In the higher volume production environment, the roll forming machine is integrated with inline notching and cut to length equipment to produce in a batch production environment, where multiple lengths and hole patterns are required in varying quantities each day.

Posts and Braces

Depending on the customer’s specific needs and manufacturing environment, the posts and braces can be either pre-notched and pre-cut, then roll formed, or notched and roll formed with post-cutting to length.  Reviewing the customer’s production needs, Yoder can evaluate what solution may fit best.

Step Beam

For the lighter duty, knockdown type storage racks, the step beam may be roll formed out of two halves, that are nested and offline welded.  For heavier duty pallet racking, the roll formed shape is welded inline to produce a finished step beam.  Yoder has produced numerous step beam systems, with varying levels of automation for quick changeover between sizes of steap beam.


Aftermarket Support

Regardless of which Yoder roll former or press model in service, contract manufacturers can depend on Yoder for the aftermarket support, whether it is replacement parts, retrofits, or upgrades of existing equipment.

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